Cookie Cake

Be still my heart and cut me the largest slice of this fudge frosting-topped chocolate chip Cookie Cake! An iconic dessert that has held a dear place in my heart since I begged my mom to let me stop at the Great American Cookie Company every time we went to the mall, it is still a dessert I love baking for birthday parties or special celebrations. It’s the kind of treat that wows and speaks to the kid (and the chocolate chip cookie lover!) in all of us.

A slice of easy chocolate chip cookie cake with frosting and sprinkles

I originally created this recipe as a birthday cookie cake for myself (because yes, I do in fact bake my own birthday dessert). It was the perfect combination of nostalgic comfort and chocolate chip cookie bliss.

Now I’ve taken to making it for friends and family. It never fails to wow the crowd and leaves everyone with a smile.

In recent chocolate chip cookie news, earlier this week my Instagram story EXPLODED when I shared a round up of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes (all of which you can find saved to the “Favorites” highlight in my Instagram profile). You are a passionate bunch, my fellow CCC lovers. This giant cookie cake recipe is going to speak loving words to you.

My inspiration is the original Great American Cookie Company recipe. In elementary school, I’d plead with my mom to let me bring one of their giant, double-frosted cookie cakes to school as my birthday treat. The kids who brought the Great American chocolate chip cookie cakes were the coolest.

I still adore cookie cake as much as ever, but now I prefer to make it myself.

This is a recipe for real, homemade chocolate chip cookie from scratch, no cake mix or canned frosting to be found. It is hands down the most delicious cookie cake I have ever eaten.

Imagine the best homemade chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had. Now, make it 10 times bigger and easier to bake, because you don’t have to individually shape each cookie. Now you have the idea.

This easy chocolate chip cookie cake took me several tries to get right, but it was unbelievably worth it. The week I made it, I had three enormous containers of cookie cake sitting on my kitchen counter, each with a slightly different tweak to the recipe (I even considered making a layered cookie cake with all my attempts). 

Today’s recipe is the winner of winners. Get ready to bake the BEST cookie cake recipe of all time!


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