Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli

Slow cooker recipes like this Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli are moving and grooving with my current desire for flexibility in my dinner routine. A healthy stir-fry style recipe that’s takeout-level easy and leggings-level comfortable, its lounge-around vibes are welcome and needed at the end of the day.

A plate with slow cooked chicken and steamed broccoli florets in an Asian ginger sauce

Chicken and broccoli cooked in a simple soy ginger sauce, this all-in-one dinner wants you to relax.

The slow cooker does the work, and it reheats like a dream, meaning you can prep and even fully cook this easy crockpot chicken recipe at whatever point in your day is most convenient.

If your kids nap in the morning, you can cook the chicken and broccoli while they snooze, then reheat it later for dinner.

Busy during the day? Chop the broccoli and stir together the sauce ingredients in the morning, then head to work. As soon as you wrap up for the day, toss the chicken and sauce into the slow cooker, set it, and go about your early evening for a few hours. Pour yourself a glass of wine and tidy up (or don’t). Before you know it, dinner will be ready to serve. (more…)

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