Deviled Eggs

The perfect Deviled Eggs recipe! Made with a rich and creamy filling and includes ideas for various mix-ins and seasonings.

The perfect easy brunch side dish or holiday appetizer. A nostalgic recipe that should never be forgotten!

Wooden plate filled with deviled eggs. Eggs filled with a creamy mayonnaise and egg yolk filling and are garnished with chives and bacon.

What are Deviled Eggs?

Deviled eggs are hard boiled eggs that have been halved, then the yolks are removed and mashed and mixed with various ingredients such as mayonnaise, mustard and seasonings. Yolk mixture is then stuffed back into the egg white cavity.

They also go by the names stuffed eggs, dressed eggs or Russian eggs. For me they are something like 90’s eggs. They just totally take me back to my childhood.

My mom made these all the time, I don’t know why I don’t make them more often. Every time I do I’m love their creamy texture and unique yet simplistic taste.

Just going back to basic ingredients making a simple dish that stands the test of time.

For me I’m all about including the bacon but it’s completely optional. These are actually so versatile and pretty forgiving.

Add a little of this, a pinch of that, a few small chops of this, and a dash of that. A fun recipe to switch up. Continue reading and I’ve listed some ideas to get you thinking so you can use up what you’ve got.

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