Easy And Cool DIY Halloween Recipes and Decorations

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Halloween is coming! Don’t forget about Halloween recipes and decorations! In our new Oki Toki video we’ll have cool and easy ideas for cooking and decorating!

Supplies and tools:
• Tableware
• Buns
• Sausages
• Knife
• Ketchup
• Decorative teeth
• Berry syrup
• Schweppes
• Syringe
• Jelly candies
• Skewer
• Decorative skull
• Cling film
• Ham
• Olives
• Cream nozzle
• Glove
• Water
• Berries
• Fruits
• Cherry juice
• Tequila
• Lychee juice
• Kitchen tongs
• Berry sauce
• Cooking mold
• Chocolate
• Pastry bag
• Frosting
• Scissors
• Paper
• Milk
• Jelly eye
• Gelatin dessert mix
• Heavy cream
• Brush
• Walnut
• Food coloring
• Macaroons
• Puff pastry
• Googly eyes
• Printed picture
• Pudding

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