Fiesta Rice Recipe

A perfectly delicious and healthy rice recipe! This Fiesta Rice is packed with nutritious goodness and incredibly hearty. It’s made up of brown rice, black beans, tons of fresh colorful vegetables and it’s all tossed with a bright cilantro lime dressing. You’ll love it!

Fiesta rice recipe in a large white serving bowl.

An Easy Healthy Rice Recipe!

This has been one of my favorite sides to make this summer. It will remind you of a Cowboy Caviar (Texas Caviar) Dip but instead of serving as a chip dip it’s a refreshing side dish.

I love to serve it with grilled chicken or pan seared salmon, and it would also be delicious with shrimp. Honestly though it’s so filling that you could just serve up a bowlful of this for lunch or dinner and no one would be complaining.

We all get caught in the slump of “what am I going to make to go with it”? This seems like a good all-purpose place to go, no more boring plain rice!

And it’s made with simple ingredients yet it’s brimming with flavor! Fresh ingredients make the best recipes!

It’s just one of those recipes that you can feel great about eating, possibly even giving you a little pep in your step instead of feeling weigh down after dinner. This is fuel you through the day food.

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