Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats You Should Make With Your Kids. Mini jack o’lanterns & Spooky spider

I am very passionate about healthy food and spending quality time with my kids! So why not combine the two?
Watch us make SUPER FUN and healthy HALLOWEEN treats!

1. Mini jack o’lanterns – very simple and classic Halloween treat. All you need for that is some mandarins or oranges. You will also need wiggly eyes that I found at the arts and craft store, glue. Ideally, you will use black felt fabric, I didn’t have that so I ended up coloring a white piece of paper with black cran, it worked just as fine – I promise! Cut out a bunch of fun shapes or the mouth and the nose. Make sure it fits. Then glue the eyes and the nose! And that’s it – your mini jack o lantern is ready!

2. Spooky spider all you need for that is some black sweet grapes some toothpicks and one black plum.
Thread the grapes onto the toothpicks and that will be your legs. Next, stick the legs into the plum and voilà! Don’t forget the eyes. you don’t need to use glue here you can just use a little bit of honey or even a little bit of juice from the grape will hold the eyes in place.

3. Treat #3 is the scary spider Apple, I think that might’ve been Tj’s favorite!
This is also a very simple one! You will need some apples I ideally red dark chocolate yes dark chocolate minimum 60% cacao (we are trying to keep it healthy right?) some wooden sticks and either almonds or cashews for the eyes.
First, remove the stem from the Apple and press the craft stick into the top.
Melt the chocolate gently (I like doing it the old-fashioned way over barely simmering water)
Next, grab a wooden stick and start drawing the lines across the Apple to create a spider web look.
Lastly cut out some spooky looking eyes out of the almonds or cashews and stick them on to the Apple when chocolate is still warm and let it cool.

That’s was it!

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