Garlic Bread

Fresh and flavorful Garlic Bread warm from the oven! Also known as the perfect beginning to any Italian style dinner. You get those perfectly crisp edges, a soft buttery center, and a golden brown toasted top with fresh garlic and herbs.

Skip the store bough junk made with margarine and make this super fast and easy recipe instead!

Close up image of sliced garlic bread.

Homemade Garlic Bread Recipe

Once you try this homemade garlic bread you’ll never want to buy the stuff from the store again! It’s made with basic ingredients yet it has such incredible flavor. The best foods often start with simple things like fresh bread.

And cozy dinners don’t get much better than soup and fresh garlic bread, or say stepping into a carb Heaven of spaghetti and sauce paired with garlic bread on cold rainy days. Because fall is all about the comfort foods right?

It’s perfect for an appetizer or for dunking into the main dish of tomato soup or that marinara sauce over pasta.


Plus this garlic bread is such a versatile recipe. Here I’ve just shared the version I love with butter, fresh herbs, a fair amount of garlic and pepper. But you can use other things like olive oil, different herbs like marjoram, rosemary or a little thyme (or no herbs), you can use roasted garlic (add lots, I’m talking like a couple of heads of roasted garlic!).

Or you can adjust the amount of fresh garlic used to taste.  Some people love garlic (definitely me) and some people aren’t to fond of it, in which case you can even sub in garlic powder for a milder flavor.

The key is just to follow the simple method of baking first to crisp up the exterior, then broiling briefly at the end to toast the tops.

Two garlic bread halves on a dark baking sheet. Shown after toasting. View the Recipe

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