German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad recipe – made with creamy red or yellow potatoes, richly flavorful bacon, parsley bursting with freshness, vibrant red onions, and it’s all tossed with a simple, lightly tangy, perfectly tasty dressing.

So much to love in this easy potato salad!

German potato salad shown in a white bowl. A silver serving spoon and fork are resting to the side, bowl is sitting on a wooden board with parsley in the background.Hot German Potato Salad

No heavy on the mayo dressings here! This German potato salad is made with a part bacon dripping part olive oil dressing, plus chicken broth to moisten the potatoes and vinegar for a tangy boost of flavor.

Most potato salads are served chilled from the fridge, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and have a potato salad served warm just off the stovetop like this.

When everything is blended together here it creates a delicious harmonious flavor, each ingredient complimenting the next.

Plus it’s a side dish that’s fit for serving 365 days of the year! And potato side dishes go well with so many different things.

Really this is just one of those must try recipes!

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