Gluten Free Carrot Cake

It’s a beautiful, hopeful spring day in the kitchen when you bake this Gluten Free Carrot Cake.

A blue plate with a slice of moist gluten free carrot cake with almond flour topped with cream cheese frosting

This recipe is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill.

This is carrot cake at its best!

  • Fully loaded with a kitchen sink of mix-ins.
  • Topped off with a lavish slather of cream cheese frosting.
  • Indisputably moist and tender, yet substantial enough to hold a slice, just as carrot cake should.

My goal with this recipe was twofold. First and foremost, I wanted to bake a killer carrot cake, one that would fill my heart with optimistic feelings of springtime and taste like a happy, celebratory moment.

Second, I wanted my carrot cake to be gluten free, without actually tasting gluten free.

I mean no disrespect to the great GF bakers out there; the problem is that gluten free cakes disappoint more often than they should. This one does not. It tastes like a truly, super-duper, incredibly perfect carrot cake!

This carrot cake recipe is made with almond flour (no all-purpose flour is used), so if you are having trouble getting a hold of all-purpose flour right now, no matter your dietary needs it’s a fantastic option that you’ll be thrilled you tried. (more…)

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