Gluten Free Granola

Time to upgrade your pantry, snack and breakfast routine, your grocery budget, and (by extension) your best munchie life with the very best Gluten Free Granola!

A bowl of the BEST gluten free granola that's make with good for you ingredients like gluten free oats, nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips

Granola used to lure me at the grocery store. Attractive, smartly packaged bags in assorted flavors promised that if I bought them (and casually ignored their less-attractive price tags), I’d be fit, healthy, and sure to live the kind of active life I associate with REI commercials.

One look at the back of those same bags reveals a different story. Most store bought granolas contain an excess of added sugar and oil.

Sure, store bought granola is delicious, but 99% of the time, when I choose to eat granola, it’s because I want to snack on something that is both delicious and healthy.

That’s where DIY gluten free granola comes in!

This recipe is a spinoff of my core, go-to healthy granola recipe. (more…)

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