Goulash (One Pot American Style)

Classic homemade Goulash! This delicious, easy goulash recipe is made with hearty beef, tender macaroni pasta, lots of vegetables and a savory tomato based sauce.

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What is Goulash?

There are several types of Goulash. One of the most popular is Hungarian goulash, which is a seasoned stew made up of meat and vegetables.

This however is a different take on beef goulash. It’s a classic American goulash made up of ground beef, tomatoes, broth and pasta.

I grew up eating this dish and always loved it, and right now it’s all about those comfort food classics. It’s jam packed with satisfying flavors that all meld as it simmers and cooks together in one pot.

The other great thing about this recipe is that it’s a cheap dish made with simple, everyday ingredients. Nothing fancy or unusual here.

It’s just that hearty goodness like mom and grandma made. A dinner that never disappoints!

Serving of ground beef and macaroni goulash shown overhead in a white pasta bowl set over a green and white stripped napkin with parsley to the side.

Original source: https://www.cookingclassy.com/goulash-recipe/