Halloween Ghost Cake Pops and Jello Brain!!! Easy Cake Pops for Kids

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYtU89kehfc –~–
Spooky Halloween Food Ideas!!! This week shows you how to make some Halloween Ghost Cake pops and Jello brain in this spooky DIY Halloween treats special. We are making Halloween Cake pops and other Spooky Halloween food ideas. Learn to make easy cake pops for kids! Some Halloween fun making a jiggly Jello brain and Ghost Cake Pops that everyone will be sure to enjoy at your Halloween party!

The Jello Brain and Ghost Cake Pop Treats are easy and fun to make and need very little help from a grown up. You can have lots of fun with this easy fun DIY. Decorate any way you like and even change up the colors any way you want to too.

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