Halloween Ghost Dark Black Soup Recipe ハロウィンおばけが入った真っ黒スープ

We made a completely black soup! With an innocent-faced white ghost made of dumpling flour floating in the middle, it’s an ideal snack or dessert for after lunch.
* Recipe *
To make the white ghost flour ball (normal sized ghost 7, small sized ghost 6)
1. Add 90g of silken tofu to 100g of rice flour and knead well. The amount of water varies depending on the silken tofu. Be careful not to make it too soft.
2. Somehow, mold it into a ghost shape. The standard size is 15g for a normal ghost and 8g for a small ghost.
2. Pass through boiling water. Boil the white ball for about 1 minute.
3. Cool in ice water and place on an oven sheet.
4. Draw a face with black food dye and a small amount of water. Draw this after the surface has dried a bit. Bamboo skewers are useful for drawing mouths and rounded eyes.

To make the black soup
5. Put 60g black sesame paste, 20g honey and 20g sugar in a small pan.
6. Add 150g of hot water little by little, and mix.
7. Add 50g of milk and mix.
8. When it starts boiling, add 3g of starch and 15g of water to add a little thickness.
9. Place the result of step 4 in the bowl and pour the result of step 8 over it.
10. Bon appetit! Rice flour dumplings don’t float.
…Yeah, of course we knew that… (whoops)



おばけ白玉を作ります(目安 普通サイズおばけ7 ちびサイズおばけ6 )
1.白玉粉 100gに絹ごし豆腐 90gを加えよくこねる。絹ごし豆腐によって水分量が違うので様子を見ながら加えてこねる。柔らかくしすぎないように気をつける。
2.なんとなく おばけの形に成形する。大きさの目安は普通おばけ15g、チビおばけ 8gです。

5.小鍋に黒ごまペースト 60g、ハチミツ 20g、砂糖 20gを入れる。
6.お湯 150gを少しずつ加えながら混ぜる。
7.牛乳 50gも入れ混ぜる。
8.火にかけ沸騰してきたら、片栗粉 3gを水 15gで溶いたものを加え、ほんの少しとろみを付ける。


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