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Halloween is a festival especially when sweets, snacks and foods is important Halloween treats, but in fact there are ways to reduce the amount of sugar and fat that we give to our children as a gift.

Although candy apples contain a lot of sugar can also create a “light” change. And because it is one of those Halloween Halloween treats most children, as it is still something they want. Caramel apples are easy to do, just place a popsicle stick in the block from the center square and melt some caramel in a pan and dip the apple in half and let the caramel candy drops around the other half . You can shoot the apples nuts or raisins to create a bit of a feeling of thickness. because half of the apple is dipped less sugar is used to create a Halloween treats afraid to look at the same time.

Most people like Halloween treats Jell-O and when some small pieces of fruit are added in the form of body parts that have created a Halloween treats mystery goo that kids will love. Just cut some fruit to form and make gelatin according to package instructions. Refrigerate the fruit for at least two hours. Kids will love to gather the body parts of Halloween treats.

Something very simple and fingers scary sweets are cut, you can use some small hot dogs boxes and create Halloween treats, with tomato sauce, a nail in the finger. It is also necessary to break the end of the hot dog as if the finger was ripped off. It can be placed in a small box or on top of spaghetti to be more scary to choose the finger.