Healthy Apple Recipes

TIME OUT. Pumpkin might be trendy (and, it makes its appearance earlier every year), but there’s another very special fruit that deserves its moment in the spotlight. APPLES! Apples are nostalgic, delicious in both sweet and savory cooking, and make for wonderful breakfasts and snacks too. Let’s take a moment to honor fall’s first harbinger—cute fall decor at Target. KIDDING (kind of). It’s time for a round up of the very best Healthy Apple Recipes!

The BEST healthy apple recipes for breakfast, dessert, dinner, or a snack

Each year, I visit an apple orchard so I can snag an excessive amount of apples to make my  healthy apple recipes for fall. One of the things I love most about apples is how incredibly versatile they are. Although we often think of them first in delicious apple dessert recipes (plenty of which you’ll find below), they also act as a balanced addition to many savory recipes.

While anyone who’s tried homemade apple pie knows its power (and I encourage everyone to try their hand at baking one at some point in their lives, preferably with this whole wheat pie crust) today I’m sharing a collection of more unique, healthy apple recipes that you’ll want to make all season long (or if you’re like me, year-round!). They’re all absolutely delicious and EASY (much easier than apple pie, I’m pleased to say).

No more staring at your newfound pile of produce and asking, “what can I do with lots of apples?” With this list of the best apple recipes, I may even need to make a return trip to the orchard!


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