Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Looking for some healthy alternatives for Halloween? We’ve got you covered.

Every Halloween is usually full of sugar, but we’ve got some ideas for healthy snacks and treats.

So introducing… Healthy halloween treats for kids!

Spider Sandwiches

To make one

2x slices of bread
8x twiglets/french fries/pretzel rods
Peanut butter/other spread
2x chocolate chips/raisins/eyes
Cookie cutter

– Using your cookie cutter make two circular pieces of bread
– Spread peanut butter
– Attach the legs – 4 each side
– Put the top slice of bread on
– Blob of peanut butter on top to attach the eyes


To make two

1x banana
6x chocolate chips/raisins
2x lolly sticks
Lemon juice (optional)

– Peel and halve your banana
– One each half put three chocolate chips to make eyes and mouth
– Put on a lolly stick
– If they’re going to be left out for a while, sprinkle with lemon juice to stop them going brown

Tangerine Pumpkins

To make one

1x tangerine
1x piece of celery

– Peel tangerine
– Put bit of celery in the top

Monster Mouths

To make one

1x apple
Peanut butter/alternative
Yoghurt covered raisins/alternative
1x strawberry
Lemon juice (optional)

– Slice apple into eighths
– Take two pieces and spread peanut butter on one cut side of each piece
– Slice strawberry lengthways and place a slice on one bit of apple like a tongue
– Place yoghurt raisins in peanut butter, like teeth in gums

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