Homemade Fried Rice

You should go ahead and double this Homemade Fried Rice. It’s the trifecta of sweet, sticky, and savory, and it tastes even better reheated. Unlike the disappointing, lackluster, is there anything in here BUT rice? versions you’ve experienced in takeout containers of the past, this recipe is FULLY LOADED with the good stuff, and it’s relatively good for you too!

A skillet of easy and healthy homemade fried rice with egg and vegetables

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I consider myself a fried rice aficionado, an expertise I honed during high school.

At least twice a week, I opted for fried rice takeout for lunch. It was inexpensive and quick to pick up during the short 30 minutes we were allowed to leave campus before afternoon classes began.

Then on Friday nights, my friends and I would head to the “fancy” Chinese restaurant (the one with the wooden instead of plastic tables), where we spent our hard-earned paychecks on (you guessed it) more fried rice.

You could say my dining choices lacked variety, but you know what? Fried rice is delicious. It was scrumptious then, and it certainly is now.

In addition to its prowess as a lick-your-plate yummy lunch or dinner, fried rice also hits the spot as an easy, clean-out-your-fridge kind of meal.

Today, I’m giving a long-loved childhood favorite a nutritious makeover using ingredients you can find at any grocery store.

Start-to-finish, this fried rice recipe is ready in 15 minutes, even fewer if you have your veggies prepped in advance. It also smells incredible while it cooks. Don’t be surprised when you catch yourself snitching hot forkfuls straight from the skillet.

Ditch the takeout menu. This recipe is all you need to make the best fried rice in the world at home! (more…)

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