Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Rich and creamy perfectly satisfying homemade Ricotta Cheese! It’s incredibly easy to make! You’ll really be amazed at how little effort it takes, with a few minutes hands on time and a foolproof method.

Plus fresh ricotta is the absolute best with it’s sublime flavor and texture. A must try recipe!

Homemade ricotta in a serving bowl drizzled with olive oil, sprinkles with dried herbs and served with a side of crackers.

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Recipe

You can use this homemade ricotta the same as you would store-bought ricotta. It’s delicious as a dip, served with pasta or even added to desserts.

When you make it at home you can adjust the thickness to suite your taste, or for the dish you’ll be using it in. You can make it perfectly thick for hearty cannoli, or nice and light and creamy to slather across toasted bread with honey and cinnamon, or to dip crisp crackers into.

And of course it only makes sense to try it with pasta. I especially love it in extra cheesy manicotti.

An easy way to use it for dinner is to add it to linguine along with sautéed spinach, garlic, parmesan and some fresh lemon. Or for a well planned out dinner, layer it into your favorite homemade lasagna for one unforgettable dinner!

This is one of those made from scratch recipes you need to try. I know these days it can be hard to find time to make homemade ingredients but this one is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t been making it for years. Read More »

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