How to Use Dry Ice with Halloween Punch – CHOW Tip

If youre throwing a Halloween party, your punch bowl should have a lot of creep and spook, in equal amounts. CHOW Associate Editor Roxanne Webber shows how its done.
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Punch is a really great drink to serve at a Halloween party and one way to make it feel especially festive is to use dry ice with it. People might be intimidated but it’s actually really easy to use. First, make sure you have two bowls. You don’t want to put the dry ice directly into the punch because you don’t want your guests to get a big chunk of it in their mouth. Place your punch bowl into the larger bowl. Itís not really the time to bust out the vintage, beautiful glass one. Just use something plastic so you don’t risk cracking it. Now you’re ready to add the dry ice. Do not use your bare hands because it’s going to burn you. Use tongs or gloves and just place it around the bowl. You don’t need a whole lot and you can always add more later if you’re not getting the effect you want. Now you’re ready to activate the dry ice. All you need to do is pour some warm water over it and pretty soon it’s going to start smoking and look really great for your guests. You can keep it going throughout the party by adding more dry ice and more warm water as needed.