Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Let’s add a bright burst of sunshine to our lives with golden Instant Pot Chicken and Rice! Creamy brown rice cooked with juicy chicken, fresh vegetables, and warm, golden spices, this is a healthy one-pan meal that is sure to be awarded the highest levels of praise in your household.

Healthy Instant Pot chicken and rice with vegetables on a white plate

The ingredients in this chicken and rice are simple. The prep is shockingly easy. And the result? Rich, complex flavors that have Ben and myself squabbling over the leftovers!

This chicken and rice is one of the recipes I cook most. It reheats like a champ, the warm spices give the rice a captivating and comforting aroma and taste, and the pressure cooker leaves me with just one pot to clean in the end.

With its healthy servings of lean protein, vegetables, and whole grains, this recipe is also one I feel excellent adding to my diet anytime I’m craving it (which is often).

I suspect you will too.


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