Lemon Pepper Salmon

So, I’m not sure how your week’s been, but I could really use an easy, healthy dinner right now. Naturally said, dinner must also be fantastic (standards, my friends). And, since I’m taking requests on both of our behalves, let’s not spend spend more than 10 minutes prepping it and have something easy to serve with it too. Too much to ask? This Lemon Pepper Salmon doesn’t think so!

Perfectly cooked Lemon Pepper Salmon baked in foil in the oven with herbs

Tender, flaky salmon is spiced simply but sublimely, then baked in the oven in foil. This lemon pepper salmon is exactly the kind of recipe you and I need more of in our lives.

Lemon pepper salmon asks very little of you—I was not kidding about the 10 minutes of prep, fewer if you are super speedy—and rewards you richly in return. The salmon fillet is baked to perfection, and the foil packet method makes it nearly foolproof.

Nervous about cooking fish? I have all the best tips to make sure this Lemon Pepper Salmon turns out perfectly every time! (more…)

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