Mashed Butternut Squash

Despite what logic and life experience might tell us, sometimes you really can have it all, and that time is Mashed Butternut Squash.

A white bowl with savory vegan mashed butternut squash

This easy side dish recipe has all the best parts of our friend the butternut—the subtle, earthy sweetness, the stellar health benefits, and the bang-for-your-buck grocery budget prowess—and none of its most salient negative feature: peeling it.

As much as I adore butternut squash—when it’s in season, I all but turn orange from overconsumption—every time I go to cook it, I have a moment of pause. Do I really need/want to peel this butternut squash right now?

With mashed butternut squash, you don’t have to peel the squash at all!

Instead, you simply cut the squash in half (which can admittedly be a bit of an extreme sport; get yourself a good knife and a non-slip cutting board, pay attention, and you’ll be just fine; see below for more tips), then roast it in the oven.

Once the butternut squash is soft and tender (about an hour or so depending upon its size; use this time to cook the main event, call your grandma, and/or fix a cocktail), you scoop out the seeds, add a few seasonings, then mash away. Side dish, DONE.

In a bigger hurry? I included steps to make this recipe using steamed butternut squash instead of roasted below. It finishes up more quickly, but I do think the additional level of flavor the roasting imparts is worth the wait. Heads up: if you want to steam the butternut squash, you will need to peel it first.

This recipe yields a generous portion, and you’ll be glad. This roasted mashed butternut squash stores and reheats well, and it tastes great leftover too! (more…)

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