Mashed Potatoes

My go-to Mashed Potatoes recipe!  A comforting side dish made with just 5 ingredients and always sure to satisfy!

Finish the meal off by serving with roast chicken and gravy and a cooked vegetable (we usually go with fresh or frozen corn).

Overhead image of mashed potatoes topped with butter in a grey bowl.

Creamy Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Perfect for a Sunday dinner, a holiday feast or just to curb a weeknight craving. Here you’ll learn all you need to know to make the best mashed potatoes!

Ever since I could eat solid foods, I’ve been eating mashed potatoes. My grandparents were potato farmers so of course it only makes sense that the love for fresh potatoes got passed down through our family.

My mom made mashed potatoes almost every single Sunday growing up. Usually she’d serve it with a beef roast, sometimes ham or pork roast, sometimes chicken or turkey – but the mashed potatoes were always there.

So naturally they are one of my favorite foods and now my kids love them too. I’ve made them so many different ways and this is my favorite.

Just made with basic ingredients (including tangy sour cream for a flavor boost) and a straightforward method.

Top them with your favorite gravy or just finish with butter and you’ll have an incredibly delicious side dish no one can resist!

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