Mexican Salad

Just before falling asleep a few nights ago, I came up with a new theory. About salad. (Really, Erin? Salad is what you lie awake thinking about?) When it’s a delicious Mexican Salad with a creamy lime dressing, chunks of roasted sweet potatoes, and other healthy, yummy goodies that make every forkful more captivating than the last, you bet I do!

A healthy Mexican salad bowl with lettuce, beans, tomatoes, avocado and tortilla strips

Crisp, flavorful, and filling, this salad is a complete experience blend of textures and flavor. It’s made with crisp romaine lettuce, hearty black beans, and other goodies (radishes! pepitas! avocado!), along with one other key ingredient that led me to my recent salad hypothesis.

If you put tortilla chips on it, they will come.

I’m still working out the exact title and topic sentence for my “research” (The Tortilla Chip Salad Effect? Salty + Crunchy + Green = WIN? Chips for the Improvement of All?), but the gist is that if you want to make a salad that everyone is going to obsess over, try adding tortilla chips.

Cases in point: Healthy Taco Salad; BBQ Chicken Salad; an *AMAZING* southwest salad that’s in my upcoming cookbook. (<—can’t wait for you to be able to preorder it! Sign up here if you’d like to receive email updates. I’ll be sharing details with its release.)

And, of course, today’s stellar healthy Mexican Salad!

This modern take on a traditional Mexican Salad keeps core Mexican flavors and ingredients, but gives them a wholesome spin.

In addition to the chips and other yummy, crunchy things, this Mexican Salad is loaded with a satisfying, ultra tasty mix of both roasted and fresh veggies and is high in plant-based protein and fiber, making it a legitimate vegetarian main.

Prepping this Mexican Salad recipe does require up-front chopping, but you’ll be rewarded.

This chopped salad can last several days in your refrigerator, meaning that if you make it today, you’ll have a wholesome, healthy lunch or dinner waiting for you. (more…)

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