Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Microwave Scrambled Eggs are ready to eat in just 2 minutes and they have the same classic flavor of stovetop scrambled eggs. They’re perfect for hectic mornings!

And my personal favorite way to eat them – in a loaded breakfast sandwich which I’ll share how to make!

Microwave Eggs in a Mug

Scrambled Microwave Eggs in a Mug

The other great thing about these is there’s less clean up. You cook the eggs in the same mug you mixed them in. No pan to clean just a single coffee mug.

Sometimes we don’t have 15 minutes to sit and cook perfect low and slow scrambled eggs on the stove top, we’ll save those for the weekends. This is real life and mornings can get crazy getting out the door.

And you can still customize these by finishing them off with your favorite toppings. You can never go wrong with some cheddar, hot sauce or crisp crumbled bacon right?Bagel sandwich with microwave eggs, bacon, avocado, tomato, cheddar and lettuce. Sandwich is cut in half and stacked on a wooden plate set over a marble surface. View the Recipe

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