Monster Cookies

I know a recipe is truly special when I make it repeatedly year after year. I have been baking these Monster Cookies for over 12 years (!!), which tells me just how much I love them. 

Delicious monster cookies with candy pieces, peanut butter, and oats

I grew up with flour on my shirt and chocolate on my face, so while there are a number of recipes that have been a part of my life since I could say “more please!” I remember the first time I tasted these monster cookies especially vividly.

I was introduced to these thick, chewy monster cookies by my first ever “work friend,” which is another way of referring to a real friend who happens to have a cubical in the vicinity, Lindsey.

Lindsey brought a batch of the most perfect monster cookies in creation to the office and, as soon as I could come up for air after devouring what I told myself was three cookies but what was mathematically closer to five, I asked her for the recipe. She told me it was her mom’s and that it has been passed down for decades.

These cookies are perfect in that special way that tastes of the fine tuning of generations. Once you try them, I know you’ll be baking them for decades to come yourself. (more…)

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