One Chocolate Chip Cookie {and Sending Love}

A recipe  for just one big Chocolate Chip Cookie! 

Perfect for two (or for one, and you can save half for later), or it’s a fun baking project to do with the kids! It’s perfectly soft and chewy, deliciously sweet and buttery, and who can resist those lightly crisp edges?

One big chocolate chip cookie shown sitting on white parchment paper.

Sending Love

So this week one of my most popular recipes is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I think we may all be doing a little emotional eating, it’s been a rough week.

I just want to send love and prayers to all around the world wherever you may be! And also wanting to share some thoughts, and hopefully a relatable word (yes I’ve been getting anxiety). We are all in this together!

It does feel surreal how things can so dramatically change overnight. I think many of us are feeling that.

Here in the U.S. as we all work to adapt to a new temporary normal (this is not the end of the world!) I hope we can band together as a society, and help a neighbor in need. Share spare unopened items you may have (if not sick of course, and properly sanitize and practice safe distances and health officials guidelines), grocery shop for a neighbor in need if appropriately able, or donate online to the local food bank (or global organizations such as UNICEF) if you are able.

Now is the time to show what it means to be a caring citizen, a loving people (and to teach your kids through example the same). Hopefully we can look out for those in need!

And if you are in need of help please don’t be afraid to call and reach out to someone. There are those people willing to help.

Of course, these are challenging times for all of us (and most of us were already dealing with personal challenges. Currently I’m working through a painful nerve condition that’s been going on for 2+ years which goes undiagnosed and therefore treatment options have failed. And now I’ve also got earthquake fears being here in Utah given what happened 2 days ago. But they do start to seem insignificant given the weight of the world).

And now on top of that, here we are working to overcome fear of what’s happening globally. It’s hard to avoid the rampant fear everywhere, especially the media. While some fear to be cautious may be necessary, there’s no point in the endless worry.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” Let us take things a day at a time, now is not the time for us as individuals to predict the very worst possible outcome with any scenario. Here we will leave that to the scientists, disease doctors involved, and global world economists to study. My prayers are with them to be guided for direction.

But I do want to point out, that despite the fear in the world, I’m thankful there’s still so much good. So many good people who are banding together (even virtually). I’m thankful we have some warning, some knowledge, some treatments and means to battle the virus (can you imagine how little was known about past pandemics throughout history?).

In this unsettling time (globally, economically, physically, emotionally) I hope we can continue to see the blessings and have gratitude in our lives despite given circumstances. And that we can let hope, perseverance, and faith overcome fear.

No one knows what will come of it, but I hope we gear our minds toward optimistic thinking and hope for the better, while in the meantime acting responsibly preventative. Things may be unsettling for a while but they always get better, history has proved that.

This is only my families 7th day practicing social distancing and mentally it is already rough (especially with an 5.7 magnitude earthquake to top it off and wondering if another may follow). What has been days feels like a month.

I’m trying to see things differently though and put them into perspective. For instance the house may start to feel like some sort of jail cell if we let it, but instead I hope we can see it as a safe haven protecting us from potentially harmful viruses. And of course not only for ourselves but for our neighbors and those we love. Let’s keep some distance for now and look forward to those get togethers soon that will be that much more appreciated.

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