Peach Crisp

If you are of the attitude that too much topping on a fruit crisp is simply not a situation that exists in real life, then my friend, this is the Peach Crisp recipe for you.

A bowl of peach crisp with ice cream on top

Juicy, honey-sweetened peaches bubbling away beneath the most generous portion of toasty, buttery oat topping of any fruit crisp I’ve ever baked, this easy summer dessert pushes the topping-to-fruit ratio to the absolute max.

Use a big spoon when you scoop it. You’ll need all the surface area to capture the golden topping and reach the prize of peaches waiting beneath it.

Fruit crisps are the back pocket dessert I turn to all summer long. They’re a right of summer passage, a breeze to bake, and a pure pleasure to eat.

They’re also flexible and leave room for play.

In addition to swapping out the different fruits as the summer goes on (Strawberry Crisp and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp kick off the season, Cherry Blackberry Crisp follows, then Vegan Apple Crisp brings us home), I also tweak the topping.

Usually I add different nuts or spices, but for this peach crisp, I decided to experiment with the topping amount.


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