Pumpkin Oatmeal

Recent pumpkin projects leave you with an odd amount of leftover pumpkin puree lingering in the can? Time to make Pumpkin Oatmeal! This recipe makes two tidy servings, you can cook it on your stove, in your microwave, or even turn it into cold pumpkin overnight oats in your refrigerator, and it is spiced just right.

Healthy and delicious pumpkin oatmeal in a bowl topped with pecans

It’s been harder for me to pull myself out of bed the last few days. Now that the sun is rising later and the mornings are growing chilly, I find myself craving warm and cozy meals to start off my day. This pumpkin oatmeal perfectly suits that mood.

While I love my big batch pumpkin oatmeal recipes like these hot slow cooker Pumpkin Overnight Oats and this Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal, sometimes these larger-scale recipes feel like too much of a quantity commitment. Even more often, I wake up hungry and don’t feel like spending more than a few minutes preparing breakfast.

This speedy pumpkin oatmeal recipe is a different tale. If you’re looking for the perfect bowl of easy pumpkin oatmeal to whip up on a weekday morning, this is that recipe! Having a bowl these last few mornings has completely transformed my mood from “Booo, it’s cold and dark, and I wish I were in bed” to “What a happy, cozy day! I love fall!

Pumpkin puree is healthy, so in addition to being the equivalent of having someone hand deliver you a cozy blanket to wrap yourself in at the breakfast table, this pumpkin oatmeal is a wholesome, feel-good way to begin your morning.

The health benefits of pumpkin include vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E), antioxidants, fiber, folates, and more!

Oatmeal is high in fiber and whole grains. This pumpkin oatmeal is poised to keep you full and nourished, and if that isn’t a compelling enough reason to make it, it is absolutely delicious.

The spices are just the ratio to make pumpkin the star, a touch of maple syrup adds a subtle, welcome sweetness (just enough, not too much), and you can gussy it up any which way you choose.

This recipe makes two servings. The second one you can share with your roommate or reheat the next day (this oatmeal is great leftover), and you can certainly scale up the recipe if you are feeding a larger group. (more…)

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