Pumpkin Roll

This classic Pumpkin Roll is one of the best fall desserts! A pillowy soft and tender pumpkin cake is covered with a rich cream cheese filling then rolled, chilled and sliced for a gorgeous eye catching dessert!

Here you’ll learn all you need to make this easy yet impressive, beautifully¬†swirled dessert!

Pumpkin Roll on a white platter with a a slice cut to show swirled cream cheese filling.

Homemade Pumpkin Roll

This has long been one of my favorite fall desserts! My mom always served pumpkin rolls every fall and I think they every time they disappeared within minutes of appearing on the table.

There’s just something about those sweetened pumpkin, warm autumn spice and cheesecake-like flavors all bundled into one irresistible dessert. It seems almost too good to be true!

This is the classic Libby’s recipe with minor changes like adding extra spices, and skipping the messy powdered sugar towel method and wrapping in parchment instead (besides, I don’t want to roll my cake in something that went through the laundry). And the wax paper called for in the traditional recipe, is it just me or is wax paper not for baking? I thought it wasn’t heat resistant.

This is an Easy to Make Recipe!

This may seem like an intimidating dessert but you can see in the step by step photos I’ve shared that it really isn’t any harder than any other cake. The trick is just to use the proper size pan, create a good non-stick surface and to be sure you roll the cake while it’s warm so it doesn’t tear and so it will hold that curled form once it is cooled.

The hardest part is always just the waiting. It’s so tempting to just slice into it right after you’ve added the filling but for the best presentation you’ll definitely want to wait and let it chill.

And here’s a word of advice, make two and keep one in the freezer for a rainy day! I’ve got two in my freezer now and I have the feeling they won’t be there long. Fall is in the air and so desserts like this are a must right?

Sliced pumpkin roll on a marble surface. View the Recipe

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