Quick & Easy Halloween Food Crafts For Kids Jello Gigglers

We are concluding out Halloween 2014 tutorials with a fun quick tip that your kids are sure to love. It’s a great activity to do with your whole family and a way to share your love of food crafts.

In this video we are demonstrating how to use our First Impressions Molds to create themed jello gigglers perfect for your next party. Just remember even though this is a Halloween inspired tutorial, we have hundreds of molds in various themes to choose from on our website. If you love this video, be sure to check out all our videos on the main channel page right here on YouTube. Then come back next week for the start of our Thanksgiving tutorials!

We’d also love to hear what you have made using First Impressions Molds or any tutorials you would like to see us do in the future. You can share your pictures with us on social media via the links below. But before you go don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to this YouTube channel so you never miss a tutorial. Also, leave your comments below because we can’t wait to hear from you!

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SE330 Large Brain: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se330largebrain314x314x12.aspx
SE315 Skeleton Hand: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se315skeletonhand434x3x12.aspx

SE289 Halloween Set: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se289halloweenset118x112x12-2.aspx
SE292 Halloween Set: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se292halloweenset114x134x12-2.aspx
SE308 Halloween Set: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se308halloweenset2x112x14.aspx
SE312 Halloween Set: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se312halloweenset112x1x14.aspx
SE313 Halloween Set: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se313halloweenset138x112x14.aspx
SE314 Vampire Skull: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se314vampireskull234x134x12.aspx
SE316 Zombie Hand: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se316zombiehand434x234x12.aspx
SE306 Tombstone: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se306tombstone434x234x12.aspx
SE234 Tombstones: http://www.firstimpressionsmolds.com/se234tombstones1x112x14-2.aspx