Rice Pudding

Homestyle Rice Pudding – A delicious, old fashioned recipe just like Grandma made! It only requires 5 basic ingredients, plus sweet cinnamon and raisins if you prefer them.

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Rice Pudding in a small wooden bowl. It is garnished with cinnamon and strawberries.

A rich and creamy, easy to prepare dessert that young and old alike will love! It is such a nostalgic treat.

There are so many different flavors and mix-ins you can add too, for ideas see below.

What is rice pudding?

It is a well known dish common in many countries around the world. It is made up of white rice, milk or water, sometimes thickeners like eggs are added and a fat like butter to make it richer. And when made as a dessert it’s usually sweetened (with something like sugar) and often flavored with cinnamon and raisins.

It is a great dessert to make year round with pantry staples!

What does it taste like?

It has a simple, unique and delicious flavor – a very rice rich flavor complimented by a nice level of sweetness. And with added cinnamon maybe something like horchata to find a familiar flavor.

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