Roasted Brussels Sprouts

If the idea of eating Brussels sprouts makes you want to run the opposite direction, I encourage you to try this recipe immediately. These Roasted Brussels Sprouts are nothing like the mushy, soggy, green little blobs that you remember rejecting as a child (trust me, I used to push them away too). They are deliciously crispy, richly caramelized, and almost sweet. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself eating these tasty morsels straight off the sheet pan like they’re candy!

How to make perfect, crispy oven roasted Brussels sprouts. Foolproof method that works every time! Easy recipe with optional flavor additions like garlic, bacon, and balsamic. Recipe at

The trick to cooking perfect, crispy Brussels sprouts is roasting them in the oven. This foolproof recipe will ensure you cook up a scrumptious pan of Brussels sprouts every single time.

These Brussels sprouts make the perfect side dish for so many different recipes, plus they’re impressive (and delicious) enough to serve for a special occasion!

Despite the unfortunate childhood associations, I’ve found that even the pickiest of vegetable eaters still enjoy this recipe (they also love this Sautéed Cabbage. Fun fact: cabbage and Brussels sprouts are actually related).

Roasted Brussels sprouts require fewer than 10 minutes prep (I just spent longer checking Instagram), and any leftovers you don’t immediately demolish can be gently reheated the next day in the oven.

I love making a big batch of roasted Brussels sprouts at the beginning of the week, then enjoying the leftovers in salads, on pizza, or mixed with pasta in the spirit of this Brussels Sprouts Mac and Cheese.

The best way to enjoy these roasted Brussels sprouts, however, will always be right off of the sheet pan.

Don’t believe me? Try this recipe for perfect Brussels sprouts, and I bet you too will sneak bite after bite!


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