Roasted Eggplant with Crispy Chickpea Arugula Salad

As much as I adore cooking for other people, every now and then it’s a treat (and a relief!) to prepare a meal just for myself. This Roasted Eggplant with Crispy Chickpeas is my kind of single-lady meal.

A plate of a roasted eggplant half topped with a chickpea arugula salad

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Eggplant that’s oven roasted until caramelized and tender, then piled high with a bright blue cheese arugula salad and crunchy chickpeas, this dinner-for-one recipe makes for an evening to savor.

This dish is tender, meaty (without the meat), bright, creamy, and crunchy. The ingredients are simple, but they combine to become so much more.

While I am certainly no stranger to the crackers/cheese/wine dinner plan, I never feel as satisfied at the end of the “meal” as when I take a few extra minutes to prepare something warm and nourishing for myself.

I look for recipes that are quick, easy, and light on dishes, but that still feel a little bit gourmet.

This roasted eggplant with chickpeas checks every box on my ideal “for me” dinner. The prep is all of five minutes, it’s nourishing, and it makes my night feel special.

I pour myself a glass of wine, turn on some background music (because we are all friends here, I’ll admit that it’s usually the “French Café Music” playlist), and then flip through a fun cooking magazine.

Add this eggplant to my plate, and I have everything I need for a lovely evening with…moi!

In addition to being a stellar, hearty meatless main, this roasted eggplant is an elevated side. I can easily finish a whole batch (the recipe is written for one whole eggplant), but if you are cooking for two or a few, you can easily scale it up to meet your needs. (more…)

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