Sauteed Carrots

Going on a decade into food blogging, and I still take it as a compliment when someone seeks my help with a recipe. Thus, when my father-in-law rang to ask if I knew of a healthy way to cook carrots, I was delighted to tell him about the foolproof way we’ve been making Sautéed Carrots lately!

A large pan full of healthy sauteed carrots with thyme

More specifically, he called to ask if I knew of a healthy way to cook carrots that tasted more exciting than steaming them but that wouldn’t heat up the oven like roasting.

When I asked him if he’d ever made sautéed carrots before and he answered no, I launched into what must have come across as an unusually energetic and gushy explanation for anything related to a vegetable. “You MUST try them!” I squealed. “We’ve started making them more and more, because they are SO delicious and easy.

If this sounds over the top—I actually said a lot more, but I’ll just leave it there. I really, really like sautéed carrots, and I think you will too!

Regardless of the level of fervor you might feel towards carrots, knowing how to cook sautéed vegetables so that they taste fabulous is a valuable skill to have up your sleeve.

Although I’ll happily gush about roasted veggies too, sautéed vegetables have their advantages.

They are usually faster to make than roasted, they don’t require your oven (perfect if you’re busy cooking something else or you just don’t feel like turning it on), and when prepared properly, sautéed vegetables can be every bit as delish as roasted veggies.

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts and Sautéed Cabbage are two sides I make often, and now these sautéed carrots are joining the ranks.

If you’ve been looking for a fast, easy, and healthy way to cook carrots that tastes scrumptious, this easy recipe has you covered! (more…)

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