Spooky Banana Ghost Lollies | Kids Halloween Recipes

Spooky Banana Ghost Lollies – perfect for any kids Halloween Party. Easy recipe to make with the kids as demonstrated by our friends the Saucepan Kids.

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Ingredients (makes 4 lollipops)
1 banana
Glenisk Natural Yogurt
Chocolate chips
4 Lollipop sticks

1. Peel banana
2. Cut banana in half
3. Cut each banana in half again (cut along banana)
4. Place lollipop stick in each banana piece (to form lollipop shape)
5. Place each banana flat side down on lined baking tray
6. Place in freezer for at least half hour
7. Remove from freezer and dip each banana lollipop into the Glenisk Natural Yogurt tub
8. Place dipped bananas back on tray and add two chocolate chips onto each lollipop for your ghost’s eyes
9. Return to freezer for another half hour
10. Remove and enjoy.