Strawberry Cake

Fresh Strawberry Cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting is here to give us a reason to celebrate each and every day. It’s made exclusively from real strawberries (no mixes, gelatin, or artificial food coloring required) and is one of my most treasured dessert recipes.

Fresh strawberry cake recipe from scratch served on a plate with fresh strawberries

To date, I’ve used this same fresh strawberry cake recipe to make cakes for all kinds of special life events, ranging from bachelorette parties to my niece’s birthday party to my own wedding anniversary.

It’s also an ideal recipe to make on any given day when you feel like celebrating life. Homemade cake has a way of turning even the most routine evening into a joyful mini-event. (There’s cake? It might not have felt like a party before, but it sure does now!)

Instead of making a strawberry cake recipe using cake mix, this homemade strawberry cake is fresh, moist, and its flavor and color come entirely from real strawberries. It’s more beautiful than a box mix recipe, and it’s also incomparably more delicious. Make this strawberry cake from scratch; I promise you won’t regret it.

I adore this cake. It is sublime, and every time I eat it, I can’t help but close my eyes, take a moment to appreciate its idyllic fluffy, buttery texture and pure strawberry flavor, and think to myself, this is love. (more…)

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