Strawberry Champagne

Ready or not…today is my birthday! Join me, and let’s toast with fruity, fun glasses of pink Strawberry Champagne.

Best Strawberry Champagne in two champagne glasses

A lightening fast recipe that can’t help but put you in a celebratory mood, this light and fizzy drink takes the classic, elegant combination of strawberries and champagne and turns it into a breezy cocktail that will have you feeling your finest, even if you are partying the way we are tonight: in our sweatpants!

This is a recipe for a jazzed-up glass of bubbly. It feels fancy in the best kind of way.

The ingredients in strawberry champagne are strawberry puree, a touch of lemon juice for brightness, and the dry sparkling wine of your choice (see below for options).

The strawberry puree will float around in the glass a bit, giving it a soft and lovely ombre appearance.

You can serve this effervescent, pretty drink as an aperitif in the evenings. Since it is essentially a strawberry bellini, it’s also a stellar choice for a special brunch. I can see it being just the right cocktail for Mother’s Day and bridal showers.

Personally, I’ll be enjoying an extra pour for my birthday punch! (more…)

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