Strawberry Crepes

I have a taste of France for you today! These Strawberry Crepes are beautifully light, easy to make, and the dreamy cream cheese Greek yogurt filling places them squarely on the line between summery dessert and dreamy weekend breakfast. I vote we eat them for both!

French strawberry crepes with cream filling on a plate

Making crepes from scratch is one of those culinary endeavors I considered too fussy for my tastes.

I even own a fancy crepe pan, a gift Ben bought me years ago at my request. I harbored romantic pictures of us recreating the piles of crepes I cooked with my host family when I studied abroad in France.

Flash forward seven years: the crepe pan has moved into three different homes with us…and never emerged from its forgotten place at very bottom of our pile of pots and pans.

Then a few weeks ago, I found myself missing Paris, the very first place I tasted crepes. With a wide-open morning and a longing for the flavors of France, I decided to give crepe batter (and my crepe pan) a spin.

Ohhh la-la!

Not only were the crepes très faciles (easy) to make, they were absolutely delectable.

The batter was tender and golden, just like the crepes I remembered eating abroad. After a crepe or two, I had the hang of it, and before I knew it, we had our own stack to fill.

**Quick note** You don’t need any special equipment (like a dedicated crepe pan) to cook crepes. A blender makes the batter easier, and for cooking, any wide, nonstick skillet is perfect. (more…)

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