Tasty Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe – PERFECT for Children’s Parties

New for 2018, check out my awesome chocolate brownie graveyard cake recipe – perfect for a Halloween children’s party. It has loads of tasty decorations and it’s really easy to prepare.

You’ll just need some basic baking skills to make this Halloween cake. We make the graveyard from chocolate brownie, using a delicious chocolate icing recipe for the mud. Plus, meringue for ghosts and pumpkins, and biscuits for the headstones.

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Ingredients (Serves 16 | Prep time: 60m | Cooking time: 55m | 308 calories & 19g fat p/serving):

– 215g Butter
– 300g Caster sugar
– 3 Eggs
– 80g Plain flour
– 235g Dark chocolate
– 35g Cocoa powder
– 1 tsp Baking powder
– 75g Icing sugar
– 15ml Milk
– 1 Egg white
– Orange food colouring
– Tubes of coloured icing
– 4 Nice biscuits
– 10g White chocolate