Tempeh Tacos

Whatever your relationship status with tempeh—adore it, distrust it, think you saw it on a menu once but now you’re not quite sure—these sweet and smoky Tempeh Tacos will sweep you off of your Tex Mex-loving feet.

Tempeh tacos topped with avocado slices

A jazzy blend of southwest spices, shredded sweet potatoes (which in a pro-level veggie sneak all but disappear into the filling), and a zip of fresh lime juice give these tacos bold flavor.

They’re a bit of a sneak attack and will surprise you.

Tempeh is a mild-tasting, plant-based protein made of fermented soybeans. It’s often lumped with tofu, which is also soy-based, but the process of making the two, their textures, and their flavors are different—see below for more.

Tempeh is striking for how satisfying it is. Your brain knows it’s dealing with something that’s entirely vegan; your body will tell you that what you are eating is hearty, filling, and completely craveable.

Tempeh doesn’t have a strong flavor of its own, so it easily takes on the flavors of whatever spices you cook along with it.

When you first taste these vegan tacos, you might notice the spice (that’s the smoked paprika and chili powder).

Then, a bit of sweet relief from the sweet potatoes will arrive.

It’s intriguing and just the right flavor at just the right time. You’ll want to come back for more. (more…)

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