Teriyaki Salmon

Sweet, sticky, salty, and savory, teriyaki sauce might just be the ultimate dinner keeper of the peace. Kids, adults, teens—try to find one person who can convincingly dispute that teriyaki is anything other than delightful. Today, a recipe that makes the most of it: easy baked Teriyaki Salmon.

A fillet of healthy baked teriyaki salmon and asparagus on rice

Salmon that’s brushed liberally with a lightening fast, five-ingredient homemade teriyaki sauce (just three ingredients if you discount the black pepper and olive oil), then wrapped in foil and oven baked until the fish is moist and flaky and the sauce is sweet and sticky, this healthy salmon recipe is nothing short of fabulous.

This salmon is a spinoff of my absolutely foolproof Baked Salmon in Foil, a recipe that has been viewed millions of times and has dozens of 5-star reviews. It’s led to lots of yummy iterations, like Spicy Baked Salmon and Lemon Pepper Salmon. Next up: teriyaki. (more…)

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