Tofu Tikka Masala

Cold weather calls for warm spices and recipes that leave us feeling hugged and snug. Few genres of cuisine fit the task so beautifully as Indian food. Tofu Tikka Masala is ideally poised to be the exact dinner recipe we need right now. You’ll realize it as soon as you take a bite!

Creamy Tandoori Tofu Tikka Masala on rice with naan bread

I am smitten with this masala recipe (and Indian food in general) right now for several reasons.

The obvious: it’s totally delish, healthy, makes for excellent leftovers, and even though this recipe is easy, it will leave you feeling ultra impressed with your culinary skills after you make it.

The less obvious: Tofu tikka masala is comfort food that doesn’t leave me feeling like I need to rush into my sweatpants, curl up, and hibernate until April (or whenever it’s warm enough outside for salads to start sounding appetizing again).

While I am certainly an eager participant in a solid, food-coma-inducing dinner especially during the winter months (hi, carbs!), it’s not the kind of dinner I can eat every night.

At the same time, however, I crave recipes that leave me feeling warm, happy, and fully satisfied in appetite and in spirit.

The perfect bridge between healthy and homey: Indian food!

This tofu tikka masala is deeply flavored and richly textured—you’ll find more than enough of both to qualify it as comfort food—but it will also leave you feeling light enough to continue on with your evening (or at least to make it to the couch for a comfortable round of Netflix). (more…)

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