Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce – such a flavorful condiment that pairs amazingly well with so many dishes, or it makes a delicious dip with fresh vegetables or pita!

This recipe is quick and easy thanks to some foolproof shortcuts.

Bowl of homemade tzatziki sauce in wooden bowl on a platter with pita bread to the side.

What is tzatziki sauce?

Tzatziki sauce is a healthy herb seasoned, strained yogurt and fresh cucumber based dip or sauce originating from Greece.

There are a few ways you’ll hear tzatziki pronounced but the proper way in Greek it is said tsah-see-key (with the “ts” making the same sound as the “zz” in pizza and mozzarella).

How to Simplify a Tzatziki Recipe

Often you’ll notice in recipes that the cucumber needs to be hand shredded or diced but here we just mince it up small in the food processor (great shortcut but also yields a better non-stringy texture too).

Then shortcut number two, instead of a 30+ minute straining in a sieve here you just press out the excess liquid in paper towels or just use a thick Greek yogurt and skip the step altogether.

I’m all about simplifying recipes when there’s a way. Sometimes paper towels just work. I even use them to strain ricotta in a rush.

It’s a Favorite Sauce

I’ve been making this tzatziki sauce for many years. I love that it has a perfectly fresh and inviting flavor, and also that’s it’s a lighter alternative as compared to something like ranch.

And of course homemade is way better than what you get in at the store!

Keep reading below for some ideas on what to serve with it. Endless possibilities!

Overhead image of tzatziki sauce dip on a marble platter with fresh vegetables around it.

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