Vegan Pancakes

One of the more impassioned topics of debate in our household centers around the ideal pancake anatomy. If you agree that the best pancakes are thick, fluffy, and even healthy, welcome to the winning team! These easy homemade Vegan Pancakes are just the recipe for you.

A stick of fluffy vegan pancakes, topped with fruit compote and maple syrup

Fat, fluffy pancakes stacked tall and begging to be drenched in maple syrup, spooned with fruit compote, and/or slathered in nut butter, these healthy vegan pancakes are ultra low-maintenance, and their soft texture and pleasing taste will surprise you.

Despite being made vegan pancakes without milk, without eggs, and even without butter, they pack a classic, homey flavor that stacks up (<—did you see what I did there?) to the more decadent competition.

Whether or not you are vegan, the super-short ingredient list and fantastic results make these wholesome, yummy pancakes well worth making.

If you’ve been making pancakes from a mix up until this point, the next time a pancake craving hits, I hope you’ll put down the box and try this from-scratch recipe instead. It’s so super easy you don’t need to bother calling Aunt Jemima, and the results are far superior (plus most pancake mixes aren’t vegan anyway!).

Ditch the mix, and let’s make these easy vegan pancakes from scratch.

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