Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Time for a fresh twist (or in this case, a crisscross) on a grandma-level classic cookie: Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies. They’re lightly crispy at the edges, chewy in the centers, and miraculously contain no butter, no oil, and no eggs. Pure peanut butter magic is all it takes to create a healthy peanut butter cookie that doesn’t skimp on texture or taste.

a stack of peanut butter cookies

Did a batch of vegan peanut butter cookies appear on your doorstep this week? If yes, we must be neighbors. (Surprise! It was me.)

Coming up with a recipe for a perfect peanut butter cookie without butter or eggs took me four full tries, and it was absolutely worth it.

The ultimate secret to this recipe is a boatload of peanut butter. The peanut butter adds richness to the cookies, holds them together, and proves that you can have a vegan peanut butter cookie that lives up to your most insistent cookie cravings. (more…)

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