Vegan Pumpkin Soup

October sneaks up on me. Before I’ve realized it’s happened, the initial “not yet!” bristling I felt towards pumpkin-spiced everything when it first appeared at the grocery store has yielded to a strong hankering for all things cozy and autumn and yes, pumpkin. If you are feeling the fall love too, then this Vegan Pumpkin Soup is exactly the recipe for you.

Healthy and easy vegan pumpkin soup recipe served in bowls with pumpkin seeds and pomegranates

When we think of pumpkin recipes, baked goods like Almond Flour Pumpkin Muffins and Vegan Pumpkin Bread and desserts like Pumpkin Sheet Cake and Vegan Pumpkin Pie are often the first that come to mind (a certain celebrity beverage not withstanding).

Pumpkin, however, is absolutely fantastic in savory recipes too (just see this list of Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for proof). Pumpkin is mild, healthy, and the fact that it can be purchased in convenient, ready-to-go cans means that it is one of the quickest ingredients you can use to create easy, nutritious meals.

Last year, I made my first foray into using canned pumpkin to make pumpkin soup with this warming Pumpkin Curry Soup, and it became one of my go-to fast fall and winter dinners. From there, I snuck canned pumpkin into Instant Pot Paleo Chili (OMG! So good!).

For today’s recipe, I was craving pumpkin at its purest. October has stolen my fancy (and appetite).

This easy pumpkin soup recipe is fall flavor at its most classic. It’s made with a touch of maple syrup, warm spices, and will remind you of harvests, holiday tables, and the beauty of seeing leaves turn crimson against a crisp, blue October sky.

Despite its dairy-free status, this soup is velvety and creamy. I used one of my favorite healthy soup hacks to give it richness and body, without the need for a speck of cream. I even made this vegan pumpkin soup without coconut milk! You can use almond milk (or any milk you have on hand).

Ready for an unabashedly autumn, pumpkin-tastic soup to take you into October with aplomb? Let’s make Vegan Pumpkin Soup! (more…)

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