Whoopie Pies

The ultimate Whoopie Pies – perfectly chocolatey, super soft and fluffy and filled with a luscious marshmallow fluff whoopie pie filling. Each bite of these decadent cake-like cookies truly just melts away in your mouth!

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Stack of Whoopie Pies on a plate.

The delicious whoopie pie (also known as Gobs what a funny name)!

You’ll find a many variations of this New England and Pennsylvania favorite. But the most common chocolate version you’ll find online seems to be a butter based cookie.

This in my opinion creates more of a dense and dry cookie, but for whoopie pies I’m all about keeping them light and fluffy (that classic Amish style). So I go with a vegetable oil and water based batter, just like a classic chocolate cake which these cookies are mimicking.

And traditional filling is usually made up of raw egg whites (which I’m fine eating myself but not comfortable serving to other people) and shortening (which I’m not a fan of altogether). So I instead I go with a store-bought marshmallow fluff and butter to build up the flavor and texture of the filling.

What do these Whoopie Pies taste like? Well of course chocolate cake, or something similar to a Ding Dong but obviously a hundred times better!

They’re rich and deeply chocolatey, they’re perfectly moist and that fluffy marshmallow whoopie pie filling keeps that light as air texture going throughout.

These are such a dreamy, easy to make sandwich cookie you’ll get requests for time and time again! View the Recipe

Original source: https://www.cookingclassy.com/whoopie-pies/