Witch Halloween Cupcake Recipe

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Watch as Family Fun shows you this house on a witch Halloween cupcake recipe! For this Halloween treat, you’ll need baked cupcakes, chocolate frosting, chocolate graham crackers, white chocolate, black licorice, Starburst candies, and sandwich bags. Frost the cupcakes this the chocolate frosting and halve two graham crackers diagonally. Frost the short sides of the crackers so that you can press the long sides into the cupcake and top it with graham cracker squares to create a roof. Cut a licorice into thirds, attaching a section to the roof as a chimney. snip the corner of a sandwich bag containing melted white chocolate and drizzle it over the remaining two sections of licorice. Mold softened Starburst candies into boot shapes, and make legs to stick out from under the cupcake house using the drizzled licorice and boots. This easy Halloween recipe will be a sure hit as party snacks or just an after school snack idea!

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